Neem Oil Shampoo Soap Bar (80g)

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Scented with Peppermint, Tea Tree, Citronella and Lavender essential oils. This lovely bar contains Neem oil which is great for achieving a conditioned, shiny coat. Our unique blend of essential oils will clean your dog thoroughly and give a welcome fresh aroma to fur.

As well as containing flea repellent plant extracts it lathers really well if rubbed straight onto a wet dog.

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Instructions for use: Wet dog and rub soap straight onto fur. Rinse with lukewarm water and rub dry, OR, wet dog and apply soap to a sponge or soft brush before washing.

Ingredients: sodium olivate (olive oil), aqua, sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium palmate (sustainable palm oil), sodium castorate (castor oil), azadirachta indica (neem oil), lavandua angustifolia (lavender essential oil), cymbopogon nardus (citronella essential oil), mentha piperita oil (peppermint essential oil), melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil (tea tree essential oil), kaolinite (natural clay), linalool

1 review for Neem Oil Shampoo Soap Bar (80g)

  1. Liz

    Love it! It's like the oatmeal and aloe Vera shampoo in a solid bar. I love a shampoo bar as it's perfectly focused application. I shampoo my Charlie twice when I bath him. With the bar, I can get into his armpits, groin, paws etc. The bar works best on a really wet coat! Absolutely soak the coat and it'll foam really well and rinse easily. I use the bar on 2nd shampoo to make sure I get the areas that can be missed. A squeaky clean and shiny coat will result. Good for sensitive skin too. Follow with the fur detangler for great results.


      Thank you so much for this wonderful review. The bar is also a natural flea repellent too. I hope to see you and Charlie soon, Dean is always up for helping you in the show ring again. xxx

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