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We love animals here at Sound As A Hound Nose To Tail Pet Care.  After years of studying Canine Nutrition, Holistic Health, Herbalism, Canine Anatomy & Physiology & Zoopharmacognosy, Sound As A Hound was born. 

We sell 100% natural topical pet care, holistic pet health, 100% natural pet-safe home and outdoor cleaners and we also stock a vast range of Vegan-friendly balms that do not contain any beeswax as well as our other balms. 

Sound As A Hound is not just for dogs, our products are safe to use on dogs, cats, horses, small pets and humans. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have and our contact details can be seen below.

Our main priority here is to help you help your beloved pets and we really are so lucky to absolutely love what we do.

Thank you for your support for my small business, it is very much appreciated.


Our home is full of animals, I have a habit of trying to save the world by helping animals. The picture above is of 3 of our dogs (we now have 4 dogs). The dogs are an integral part of our family and home. We are so pleased to welcome you to our little store. With the cost of living going up, we hope that we can help by selling reasonably priced products that will make your dog smell, look and feel better.

When you live a busy life, sometimes you just need to unwind, what better way then spending time with your family and pets. Stroking and brushing your pet is known to reduce stress and anxiety. This is one of our 2 cats, Trigger, as you can see he likes to help me work by sitting in the most awkward of places, but at least he smells good!

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We are always prepared here for the freshen up after a dog walk and a roll in the mud, or worse! We have many wonderful natural products including wet & dry shampoos, deodorising spritzes, hypoallergenic wipes, balms and so much more. This is my Cane Corso in the picture and she loves a roll in the grass, mud and the extra smelly stuff!

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